Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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What up with the magazines?

Off and on for years I have loved looking into fashion and styling myself. As I have gotten older I often take the time to buy the fall editions of the fashion magazines, the BIG issues, so I can build a style I like for the year. I build off my old pieces and go from there, but that is neither here nor there.

This year I saw my big issue and went to work looking at the ads first and after reading, or trying to read the articles. This year the trying was hard. One got me right off the bat, it was about trying to make high class food with mj in it. As I read I waited for news of a great meal or dessert but it seemed to end in the middle.

It got me to wonder what happened to fashion articles? Yes, we have networks dedicaded to fashion but womens magazines seem to be a mosh of ads, articles telling stories of the past and unfullfilling articles that have amazing potentional.

Yes, we have moved in many ways away from the printed articles but wlthose that are getting these magazines are one of two people like me that love fashion and want more fashion info from those that know it best. The second are the young men and women of the world looking to see the ads and know what is in. Either way how about a little more fashion and a little less I was on a boat in 1985 and wanted to make pot brownies that cost 2000 a piece.