Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What kind of blog do you want?

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What up with the magazines?

Off and on for years I have loved looking into fashion and styling myself. As I have gotten older I often take the time to buy the fall editions of the fashion magazines, the BIG issues, so I can build a style I like for the year. I build off my old pieces and go from there, but that is neither here nor there.

This year I saw my big issue and went to work looking at the ads first and after reading, or trying to read the articles. This year the trying was hard. One got me right off the bat, it was about trying to make high class food with mj in it. As I read I waited for news of a great meal or dessert but it seemed to end in the middle.

It got me to wonder what happened to fashion articles? Yes, we have networks dedicaded to fashion but womens magazines seem to be a mosh of ads, articles telling stories of the past and unfullfilling articles that have amazing potentional.

Yes, we have moved in many ways away from the printed articles but wlthose that are getting these magazines are one of two people like me that love fashion and want more fashion info from those that know it best. The second are the young men and women of the world looking to see the ads and know what is in. Either way how about a little more fashion and a little less I was on a boat in 1985 and wanted to make pot brownies that cost 2000 a piece.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Death of a laptop

Now I am going to be honest with you because I think I can trust you my close internet friends, that I have never met and never even comment, I want to be a writer. I would love to write as a career, I would prefer to write more erotic friend fiction but for now blogging is a pass time. I have finally started to enjoy writing again and I got a table so I can use my laptop the proper way and not burn the crap out of my legs and sweat out my lady junk. I am sad to say this is all for not though as my laptop is dying a painful drawn out death.
      IF any of you want to give me a laptop I will not say no, but as I doubt that is going to happen I am on a search for a good laptop that is not a mac and not $10000000. I most likely will have to go through a place that will let me pay off it in pieces but the search is on. Any help would be great. Either way my blogging and vlogging may be a bit spastic as even just getting to you today took 20 minutes, If not for my total love of talking to strangers this may not have happened. I am not going to make excuses I am just going to do the best I can for you my reader.
   Talk soon... I hope!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bread is the enemy or is it, you nut?

     I want to say I have NOT been tested for a gluten allergy and that is why I am writing this. I know that being gluten-free it the big "fad" diet of the year and I also know the test to get see if I am gluten intolerant is not cheap, well the medical test is. I did a little test of my own to see if gluten did anything to me. I suggest if you think you have a gluten allergy you do this too.
    My test is going to take a little on the long side but effective. One stop eating foods with gluten. Two endure the headaches and depression for a bit. The next week see how you feel? Are you happier? Do you feel the same? If you feel the same go back to eating gluten and how do you feel? IF you feel like crap there you go that is what gluten does to you. That simple.
    I shall give you myself as an example. I have had gluten 5 times since limiting it and the results are always the same. I eat bread or a cookie and feel fine. The second day I start to feel anxiety and a bit of anger. The third day I get extremely angry and raging. Working becomes very hard. The forth day I am ready to run someone over and quit my job and scream and cry, that of course all happens only in my minds eye. On the fifth day day I am back to happy crazy me.
     I do not make my gluten free life be a thing either. It is a thing only for me. I just try to eat something else and if there is on other option I can not eat or have some bread and know what is going to happen. I have read drinking more water helps gluten get out of the system faster but I rarely drink water so I don't know. Good luck either way.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Life list (part 2) work in progress

     I thought about my life list for a good 2 minutes yesterday. It was a hard day and I had to focus work. I have a few things though and I will add to this as I think of more things but let us do this thang.

Life List thus far
  1. Go to England and Scotland and France
  2. Have a story of mine published
  3. Be able to work from home and be comfortable with money
  4. Buy a house with woods in the backyard. 
  5. Be a size 6 (I am so vain singing in my head)
  6. Have a "normal" wedding. 
  7. Hike in Forest park.
  8. Learn Russian and be fluent 
  9. Go to Turkey and so where my dad came from
  10. Travel New England and see Salem, Boston, New York, The Capital and Jamestown.
  11. Visit Ekaterine Palace and The Winter Palace and see a Russian Ballet.
  12. Meet Evgenia Obraztsova
  13. Meet Jennifer Lawerence 
  14. Finally have a house warming
  15. Be in a movie 
  16. Record a song 
  17. Go to an Irish Traveller wedding
  18. Stay in a castle 
  19. Stay in a haunted House, preferably in the South or Salem or England
  20. Leave flowers on Anne Boleyn's grave and Elizabeth I
  21.  Be able to get on en pointe for a bit 
  22. See the Red woods
  23. Change someone's life for the better

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life list? (part 1)

    After reading, okay listening to, Lets Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, you need to go read that btw, there was one part mentioned that I was like wha? A life list, what was it and how could some come up with that, also how could someone to sponcer it was thought two. Now, I have heard of bucket lists and honestly have not thought to make one and I do not want to think of death it will come on its own and does not need me fighting against it. but a life list. I, now find they are one in the same but with a life list sounding more like you are living life and a bucket list like a race to the finish.
   My lovely fiance does have a bucket list, since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis he has been compiling it. Now that I think about it I am not going to live forever and live everyday in fear of something happening to him so we should start on his bucket list and my life list so we can do as much together as possible. I am going to take today to think of what I want as my life list and come back to you lovely people with it later.

    Until than he is my fiance's
  1. Grant a dying mans last wish
  2. Explore England and Scotland
  3. Buy or build our dream house
  4. Get married with our friends and family
He now has stage fright soo I will add to this as he remembers. 

Breast envy

     The last time I could go out in public without my breasts hanging down so low was my eighth grade awards. I wore a very risk-ay black backless top and a long black skirt. I had been a "lucky one" that had bloomed into womanhood early. Truly I didn't understand what this meant until a few years later trying to find a bathing suit top. I was still quite thin at that time BUT finding something that fit my chesticles was a feat.
    I know that there are many woman that are thinking stop gloating, you are lucky to have big natural boobs. Please, let me explain. I am happy with my body, but if I had a choice, and it didn't cost thousands of dollars to do, I would have at these two sizes smaller of breast. I grew up in the first time of backless shirts, as noted but I really never got a chance to enjoy it and now it is bandus and see through tops and this is pretty much the last few years I can wear trendy clothes without looking a bit like that person that should move from the juniors to at least the misses section, why do we have three sections for clothing choices? Men get one, which is not always a good thing but still why do women have to have sections that tell them which clothes for which age? That is so ridiculous! Anyway, even if I was a single digit size wearing the trends would not be an option for me.
    The price of a big chest
    This is just the superficial reason I am tired of these melons there is also the back pain that I feel so often when I don't have it plaguing me it is like I am in heaven. Not to mention the laying on my back could be considered a suicide attempt, no really they come at your face and not total disregard for your well being. I would also like to mention that finding a bra that does not look like something out of a 50's sear store is soooo hard or over priced. I bought two bras the other day and spent $65. One with a smaller chest could go to kmart and buy 3 cute underwire bras for $15. Yes, it is more fabric but that is still $27 mark up!
    Let us talk the societal view. 
One I only have big boobs because I am over weight.  This is me a size 6 at my high school graduation.
True, my chest would not be as HUGE as it is now if I were that size BUT I would still be in the double letter group just a smaller number.

Two, women with large breasts are stupid or lack intelligence. NO....

Three, women with large chests can use their boobs to get whatever they want. HAHA! Well maybe, if wanted to use my boobs for evil I could BUT that stems from the fact that we are only acknowledged by our chest by many men, and some women. This myth honestly also leads to the forth point I have that we are normal woman and not bitches based on our chests. Boobs do not make a personality how one is raised and taught does.

    My sister with smaller chest rejoice that you save money and avoid douche waffles much more than the big chested girl and also remember we want to be your friend and do not judge us by the big lumps of fat on our chest but by our personality. Now if that is bad I don't blame you if you don't want to be that rude person's friend.

Have a good one all.