Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bread is the enemy or is it, you nut?

     I want to say I have NOT been tested for a gluten allergy and that is why I am writing this. I know that being gluten-free it the big "fad" diet of the year and I also know the test to get see if I am gluten intolerant is not cheap, well the medical test is. I did a little test of my own to see if gluten did anything to me. I suggest if you think you have a gluten allergy you do this too.
    My test is going to take a little on the long side but effective. One stop eating foods with gluten. Two endure the headaches and depression for a bit. The next week see how you feel? Are you happier? Do you feel the same? If you feel the same go back to eating gluten and how do you feel? IF you feel like crap there you go that is what gluten does to you. That simple.
    I shall give you myself as an example. I have had gluten 5 times since limiting it and the results are always the same. I eat bread or a cookie and feel fine. The second day I start to feel anxiety and a bit of anger. The third day I get extremely angry and raging. Working becomes very hard. The forth day I am ready to run someone over and quit my job and scream and cry, that of course all happens only in my minds eye. On the fifth day day I am back to happy crazy me.
     I do not make my gluten free life be a thing either. It is a thing only for me. I just try to eat something else and if there is on other option I can not eat or have some bread and know what is going to happen. I have read drinking more water helps gluten get out of the system faster but I rarely drink water so I don't know. Good luck either way.

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