Friday, June 20, 2014

Those amazing people

      If you ask my step-father,  dad from here on, about a person most likely he will tell you exactly how they are related, it is a bit of a running joke between my mother and I. Met a person in Spain and dad is their cousin 20 generation back! Truly it is amazing how dad can talk to anyone at anytime and put them to ease but that is for another time. For me that is not quite the story. Throughout my short existence on this little blue rock I have had amazing people step in as replacements for people that I lack in my life and this has gone back to the previous generations in my family. Those people that are family not matter if there is a genetic link or not. This is not unique to my family either so many before us and so many after will take up the mantle that others have stepped away from or never took up to begin with. I just want to thank some of those people in my life.

     At the ripe old age of birth I came out a girl, not that I chose it but that is what happened I just never grew that little penis my birth father (not using this as a cold term it is JUST the best way to not confuse the story, from here on he will be called father) had been told I was cultivating. That day I met one person that I put above most of my relations, my uncle Jesse was my father's best friend in high school and a good friend to my mom. He knew that day that I would not be treated the same as if I was a boy and still he was there as an Uncle especially since my "biological" uncles were both very young at the time. As time went on Uncle Jesse became my dad's best friend in college. I got to be there for his wedding and grow up with his children. I am so lucky to have him and not to be over showed his wife is soooo amazing too. Aunt Wendy, who's birthday it is today, found out that I have a want to do gymnastics and helped encourage me and my parents to get me into a class. That want was short lived due to other reasons but even to this day she still tells me it is not that hard to get what I want do a little drive and determination. These two great people are so what the world needs!

     2 years after that faithful day that I came into this funtastic world my mom met the man that I would one day call dad. They were both nerds that loved to act like dorks. From there on my dad was there to be the one to come to parent meetings, put up with me being a brat and a teenager. He has also helped encourage me to be the brightest and goofiest person I can be. He taught me to never let the world box me into a category I could and can be all I make of myself, even if right now it is just a college drop out working customer service at almost 30, ha.  If not for this man that took me as his own at 2 years old I would not be the awe inspiring person I am today. 

     Do you have anyone that is family that is not related? If some give them a thank you today and a shout out. If not for these people helping so many people would be worse for wear. Thank you all for come by see you later.  

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