Monday, June 23, 2014

My Life list (part 2) work in progress

     I thought about my life list for a good 2 minutes yesterday. It was a hard day and I had to focus work. I have a few things though and I will add to this as I think of more things but let us do this thang.

Life List thus far
  1. Go to England and Scotland and France
  2. Have a story of mine published
  3. Be able to work from home and be comfortable with money
  4. Buy a house with woods in the backyard. 
  5. Be a size 6 (I am so vain singing in my head)
  6. Have a "normal" wedding. 
  7. Hike in Forest park.
  8. Learn Russian and be fluent 
  9. Go to Turkey and so where my dad came from
  10. Travel New England and see Salem, Boston, New York, The Capital and Jamestown.
  11. Visit Ekaterine Palace and The Winter Palace and see a Russian Ballet.
  12. Meet Evgenia Obraztsova
  13. Meet Jennifer Lawerence 
  14. Finally have a house warming
  15. Be in a movie 
  16. Record a song 
  17. Go to an Irish Traveller wedding
  18. Stay in a castle 
  19. Stay in a haunted House, preferably in the South or Salem or England
  20. Leave flowers on Anne Boleyn's grave and Elizabeth I
  21.  Be able to get on en pointe for a bit 
  22. See the Red woods
  23. Change someone's life for the better

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