Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do you want to know and how would you feel knowing? (ADULT DISCUSSION)

     Last night, well super early this morning, my mind got to think and that is never a good sign after a LONG day. I happened to flip through the "premium" channels and find so of every young man's dream, if you grew up like me before the ease of the internet, and as I listened to Monica, name may be been changed to keep the innocent safe or it could be that I just don't remember the names as I was just passing through, talk to her dream boat and whatever set-up was used for this piece of "art," that is pretty tame compared to shows like The Tudors  or True Blood in the sex scene department and nudity, I thought two things that lead to many, first what do men think of women using them for their "private needs" and vice-verse and why is there such shaming around "private time"? Here are my thoughts.

     For many years, like thousands, private time was not discussed just done in the privacy of the bath house or the farm house and it was not a thing for women at all. For men it was, of course, looked down on as it was a waste of perfectly good pre-baby and the world, and the church, could now have that especially in the times of 1 out of 8 children making it to adulthood, like that made up statistic? We  do now have that horrible reality under control but we still expect people to keep this private time well private. Now I am not asking the world to tell me when they have private time I am more talking about others disclosing their minds-eye during this time. 

    I know for many there is a bit more to it than moisten, massage repeat, but what is the more? Is there one person, a harem of people or just faceless bodies? Now even further what if a person told you that you were that minds-eye person? What would you say? How would you react? As a woman I only have one side to the story so in truth I want to know what you think so please note below, let us continue. I thought if a woman told a man that it would build his ego but it came to me down blanket statement.  

     Honestly, for me I am pretty sure that I would be flattered to a point. If I know you and I am not weirded out by you okay cool fine whatever, knowing is fine is it truly not a dying question as I am getting older. Now in my teens if a guy told me, on the D.L., do kids still say that?, and again not weirded out by him I would have silently cried huzzah I am not a leaper after all and worn a smile using that as my happy moment for most likely most if not all of my teen years. So men women are not dying to know BUT if you ask know her well enough to ask her thoughts on the subject and she says it is cool throw out the hypothetical what if someone told you that you were their in a way private time dream? See how she reactions and play accordingly. Never know may move to more than a dream *wink*
    I hope this finds someone that needs a smile, a laugh or a good thought, while having private time or not. Really though open your mind a little and remember we are all made to breed, yes we are the show dogs of higher thinking. If you are like me and not going to breed, no judging, but hey doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fun that comes with that part of the human anatomy.

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