Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's said this *****

Hello there! Whoa don't leave, yeah I am talking to you. Now, I know you are like so many other people that has no time to read one more blog but I promise you this will not be that normal beauty or weight loss blog, I already have two of each of those for you if you want. Those blogs are in truth not really where my heart this. I am putting my full heart behind this.
What makes this any different? I know you are longing to know. All of my other online endeavors are censored, I hold back. I seem to hold back that which makes my friends stand me and, dare I say at times, like me. This will be a non-censored blog about just any shit that comes into my mind.  Oh yes, I am going to cuss at times, really short of Kate Middleton what young woman does not cuss. No, no I am not going to cuss like a sailor but it way fall in here and there.
If you want to hear the fun, weird, sad and even shitty stories I am your girl! Here we GO!

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