Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BALLS! A rant about today

I am so very tired right now. I love the summer coming BUT the season change and the heat creeping in always kills my energy levels. It really sucks more because I am suppose to be working out and calorie counting. After waking up at noon, barely walking the dog and eating pizza and potato tacos I really have failed my dieting plans. I guess that just means tomorrow 100 extra squats.

A long time back I lost a lot of weight quickly and I just wish I had that drive now. I do want to be healthy and not have to worry about feel like death at night and god damn it I want a flat stomach and not more muffin freaking top. I know I have to do it and there is no magic pill but fucking a my body is working against me and all I want is the little help from it to get going. I know I am not making much sense to the sane and thin but if you get me thank you for understanding the struggle is real.

I am now off the play more minecraft, yes I am also 30 and play mine craft and have built a palace based on Henry VIII's Hampton Court. No need to be jealous people, so a joking.
Night y'all have a good one

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