Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father... fathers.... dad... and all you men types MALE AWARENESS DAY!

I know that you will find hundreds if not millions notes about "fathers." This is going to sort of be one of those.

     Last month on mother's day I heard so many well wishes from people coming through my work. Today it is the young men on my work to get their well wishes. I spoke to one of my friends yesterday and we talked about that neither of had children and for the time being neither of us have children and it all got be to thinking.

     I have thought of the labels that we give people and how they are required to have a "day". Now, I know that we already have so many days celebrating anything for parents to a rodents but why do you have to have a child to get a happy father's day? In fact it should be changed to male awareness day, screw the feminists (I am a feminist people chill I will get to the point) views that it is sexist as we will change mother's day to female awareness day. On these days you thank all of the men or women in your life that have helped you in education, self growth, self understand and have just been awesome in your life!
     I read once "having a child does not make you a great person" to add to that VERY TRUE statement,  a great person is the one that mold a person into a well functioning contributor to the world. We that statement I want to thank all the men that helped me grow into a proud happy person that sees more than one side to a story and questions when I am not sure. My strength is my own BUT you all helped me find it thank you!

    Go thank a male in your life no matter if it is your father, brother, uncle, teacher, mentor or even the crazy guy that lives with you even though you get freaking crazy at times!


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